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When I returned to San Francisco after my sojourn to Spain I gave myself one year. One year to determine what my next direction would be and one year to make something happen or I would move on or, come up with something much more interesting to report. The last year has brought its minor ups and major downs.

I got a job, I made mistakes, I got an apartment with my first room-mates ever and well that was crazy. I got a beautiful boyfriend which ended in disaster then we got back together and went through six months of hard-core therapy. Six months that had its ups and major downs and then major ups again. Things in San Francisco have come to an end. I couldn't get past my stage fright and anxiety to return to stage. The thoughts that ran through my head came out to one solution.

We were leaving San Francisco.

 Over the last few yeas my thoughts had turned to my own needs. Back to my photography, back to my writing, back to my blog. All of these things kept popping into my head in dream-like states. They would linger and create warm fuzzy feelings that would tingle down my back and into my belly. The thoughts of hot summers on the porch and a lot of peace and quiet. These thoughts would slowly become my refuge or my salve after a long day in the office where I felt my skills and my talents were being wasted as I wrote another dictated email.

My thoughts have often returned to the South. I felt like I was being called home, called to wander cemeteries and called to sort out my stories or, called to simply do what it is I was put here to do. We did our research and packed our bags. We became a we in the middle of my decision making process and the he in our we said, " I simply want to be where you are ".

After extensive research and planning that all fell apart when everything went wrong. My email accounts were hacked beyond repair, payments that were owed to us were never received and when all of our plans seemed to be slipping through the cracks and the pressure of our lives together seemed to impossible to launch. As a last resort we bought the train tickets as our carrot. No matter what, this was our date - we were leaving with or without everything being in order. We took the train and headed to Portland on the first stop of a very long journey South.

Expect blog updates, travel reviews, strange stories in strange places as we make our way across the country on a dime, on a whim, on a magic carpet.

So long San Francisco - its been real.