Friday, July 25, 2014

Absolutely worth watching to the End: Game of Thrones bloopers

Endings are always hard - Friday Edition

Be careful with the list you consult. Breakups and endings are hard and there is nothing to warn you about that. I'm so cynical that I will sit during a first date and imagine a break-up in great detail. All I really want to know is; How awful are we going to be to each other at the end of this relationship? Will I be able to survive it? Very often I underestimated the pain the loss the failure that I would fee from the actual break-up. As cynical as I am, as horribly painful as I know they are; I still do it. Head first, conscious as fuck that this will someday blow up in my face which will eventually cause me emotional, psychological and financial ruin. I am the type of person you like to call a "Romantic".

Yeah! I said it.

I won't give you any steps to follow - I'm saying the biggest key to get over something is moving forward. After a time of wallowing and swimming in pain you choose. You have to choose to move forward, you have to choose forward over stuck and then again choose to find happiness again, and again, and again its your choice at some point. There is the time when you make the choice and you walk forward. There is no "one size fits all" list. The fact that you're checking in is a good sign. Please start making plans to move forward - but, take your time to swim. Take the time to feel the watery emotions that come along with your type of pain. Take this time to roll them around you like silk sheets, befriend your pain and lie with them. Choose to bid them good-bye once and forever; then choose.

Sometimes, you just need to be kicked in the ass. Sometimes you need to see that there are others out there suffering and maybe through the realization that others too are suffering from loss, brokenness, disconnection at the primal level. I was homeless as a child and I feel that my darkest days are behind me and I know that I will be that person I always want to be day after day because I choose too.
Sometimes you need to laugh because laughter really is something special; it heals, it transforms, it is a vehicle for immediate transcendance. You should try it. Sometimes you have to dig up your own funny - and I mean imagine what if? Russia IS not only be losing its collective mind under Putin's regime; its also lost control of a satellite full of geckos for sexual space exploration purposes.
Its actually happening, lizards are having sex in space and we've lost control of the ship full of lizards. 

Sometimes you need exercise. I'm coming out of semi-retirement to emcee this race. Its a great cause supporting CDH Awareness. Sometimes to feel better you need to help someone else while your ass cheeks are burning. I'm not a runner so I can't tell you what type of pain or failures you feel while running. I know if I'm running; I feel fear - because I wouldn't be running if I was afraid of something behind me. I don't run but I'm excited to help and find a way to help; even though I don't run. Sometimes, to feel better one must move ones legs first. Try moving on August 2nd, I'll see you there.

Sometimes you need to buy yourself something nice. I'm poor so if I buy any accessories I try to make them align with some of my daily practices. Like have double-duty make up only with jewelry. I pinned this bracelet to my pinterest site. 
From Rue La La

The one thing that people forget is that no matter the ending; when another human is involved and you have to end, to move forward - when you have to close doors to open windows of freedom.. There will be pain. There is no expectations to fulfill, no list of property that will compare to the pain, the suffering the loss. Endings are fucked up and they hurt for a very very long time.

I don't read the lists any longer - I know deeply - I know honestly - I know I've chosen forward.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dear Internet Its not me - Its You

I don't spend much time clicking through the internet like I used to. Its not you Internet; its me. Honestly, is you but, you already knew that.

I am considered a moderate to heavy user of internet time. I would give you a statistic or results from my REDDIT poll but, no one bothered to answer. I know I'm a heavy internet user - with the blogging, the comedy, the tweeting or twatting, the flickring, the instagraming, its a never ending supply of shit to do on the internet.

My favorite answer besides "I'll have another" is "Google is your friend". We all like to think that we're more mindful than that other guy but, we're not. What I'm trying to say is there are other places on the internet that I find interesting in-between the cooking - cleaning - insulin delivery and puppy rodeo'ing.

As always here is another list on how to get your shit together. This isn't any different than those lists except - its by an actual creative person. Elaine Stritch was a creative person who stayed creative and productive and retained a great deal of integrity while she was at it. I read this list - its more like a "get off your ass and quit whining list". But I like it!

I have a stress condition. A stress condition that is brought on by nothing other than added stress. I also have a hard time sitting down and reading a book when I'm stressed out. However, I've never given up trying -- I want you to read that -- I've never given up. I keep trying, you keep trying and suddenly we're all reading again. Please read a book. David Sedaris has a little list of books for when you're mega stressed - please read them.

You can also find me on Pinterest
That Twatter

I'm stressed right now. I need a drink

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Yes, I have goals. I'm looking more to my long term goals now and its still a bit unclear but, I'm closer. Today's goal was to teach myself how to make good focaccia. I realize that it takes years to learn how to make good bread of any kind but I'm a quick study and I have all day. We're out of yeast.

I'm adaptable.

I decided to make rosemary and cheese biscuits. I can do that in my sleep and, no one will find out that I didn't learn how to make good fococcia today. By the way, no matter how you spell Fococcia - the spell check get's it wrong. Its alarming. Surprising alarming considering how many times I post or tweet with typos. I stopped caring about typos when they started causing panic attacks. The proper spelling is; Fococcia. Maybe

We're out of Milk.
Apparently cooking is not supposed to be a goal today.

I'm eating a hash browns cooked in olive oil and fresh herbs, covered with gently scrambled eggs and asiago. Watching Frozen
Planning on eating a cookie.

I'm very adaptable.
We take these things day-by-day.
Baby Steps

Its time to start evaluating what I want to do when things with the family begin to settle to a steady hum again. It won't be long. I've considered a few if not more of the following ideas;

^^Buy a Fifth Wheel and become a campground manager in a remote location.
I don't know where I would wear my shoes

^^Travel around the world cooking for people.
This is possible - I only know about 3 internationals at the moment

^^Begin cultivating strange truffles in the forest and sell them to renegade chefs while living in a tiny house in an anonymous country location.
Again - footwear issue
All other variables are acceptable

^^I've finally begun to write again which makes me thing that there is a possibility of becoming an actual author as previously intended.
All variables acceptable to my life style although I will have to work out more.

^^Begin writing and producing the one woman stage show I always planned as well. I've always preferred long form storytelling to stand up comedy. It was my first love, Hobo Storytelling.
Look it up.

^^Write a particular female winery owner in Italy and ask her to take me on.
Renewing passport immediately.

^^Make Goat Cheese in remote country location; like that Goat Lady from Cold Mountain only with nicer teeth and shoes and nails and toiletries..
Variables are piling up on this one.

Let's vote shall we?
Goals - Yay? or Nay?

Getting a job or making money is an imminent and necessary goal. Or, you could buy some of the most fantastic unique items EVER from my Zazzle Store. Cause you're cool like that.

Liberty Statue, New York Clutch Wristlet Purse
Liberty Statue, New York Clutch Wristlet Purse by cwcreative
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh Wow, My What a Cute Purse

Oh my Goodness! You guys, I've been working my way through images from the last 15 years - I've been walking all over the world and it has been a wonderful trip down memory lane. Another thing I've been doing? I've been working on creative outlets that translate to creative ways to open up another dimension called - cash flow. At the same time - I've been over-goaling myself by actually organizing shit and creating work flow again. In the process of avoiding working I designed these cute wrist-lets. 
Rome in Black & White, Mini Sued'd Clutch Wristlets
Rome in Black & White, Mini Sued'd Clutch Wristlets by cwcreative
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Each one of the purses have a photographic memory from Paris - New York & Rome. 
During each trip I photographs with such complete consciousness - the memories were easy to re-connect. 

Liberty Statue, New York Clutch Wristlet Purse
Liberty Statue, New York Clutch Wristlet Purse by cwcreative
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Eiffel Tower Mini Clutch Wristlet Purses
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