Monday, September 15, 2014

What a marathon, Oktoberfest and me in 90 degree heat

At Helen's Vintage Costume's in Portland, making the final selection

           Don't dare me to drive around town in a costume

Also Runner's think I'm stupid at 7am- but, I sing anyway

Mt. Angel is the cutest town on the planet

Trying to take a squinty selfie of the finish line.
I might be too old to to try and perfect the selfie thing.

After a few hours with no mic - I was grateful for the gang
of Cheer Leaders from Sheridan High.

Columbia River

A lucky sunset for my birthday 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Now is not the time to be calm....

I was going to give you a review of all the shit that happened on my Facebook and Twitter last week. But really - I have anxiety - all that would induce is an existential crisis. I simply don't have the emotional capacity for that right now.

Here is the most important thing you need to know about me.  Don't forget it.

Blythe Baird - "Girl Code 101" (NPS 2014)

I think that's why people say "Twitter" (very politely), after you sneeze.

"As I type this, a cut from a tuna can on my middle right hand finger is burning. I'm concerned I might bleed out."
These are some of the thoughts I save everyone from. They don't make it to Facebook or, Instagram or, Pinterest. Twitter is like a dream catcher for thoughts after sneezing. They're caught and then filtered to Twitter in 140 characters. I think that's why people say "Twitter" (very politely), after you sneeze.